PRIVACY POLICY


I wanted to try to translate very briefly my site's "privacy policy" in English for visitor's  better knowlege:

Nilgun Yonter
(me) is the only responsable of the© and its content about: "©Chess Table”.


You may use site’s content only for your personal information.You should give 
its source in case of to publish or to launch.

You are not allowed to download the site on your computer or distrubute it to the third part for a commercial purpose.

  Nilgun Yonter has neither an obligation or relation to other organisations nor an artist.

Links given from this site are only for informations.They don't depend on© to any obligation.

PS:In any case privacy policy text written in Turkish will be the good one in law.


" ©Chess Table" painted  with  "Miniatures Postmodern©" by Nilgun Yonter has been released (Photos,Texts,Video etc.) on this site March 2014.


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